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university strange or my life amongst academics

In this, the first novel L. H. Westerlund finished, at age twenty, we get to meet young magician-to-be Kiera Sparrow. We enter her life right as she goes for her magical majority. But is she quite as protected - and safe - as her protective big brother would like to think? Does she want to be?

Hint: No.

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In Your Pants

In Your Pants - A Brief History Of Nerdfighteria, is an essay about nerdiness, nerdfighteria and why exactly nerdfighters really are made of awesome. Also zombie unicorn hats - for some reason.

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The Truth About monsters

"The Pixie" and "The Monster Underneath the Bed" are two children's stories seeking to explain just why adults doesn't quite know everything. "The Truth About Monsters'" series is an homage to L. H. Westerlund's mother, who is an author of children's tales.

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